Berlin Leuchtet

Berlin Leuchtet – An audio-visual illumination

Each October at nightfall, Berlin turns into a spectacle of light. The festival association “Berlin Leuchtet” appointed ACNE to illuminate one of the most iconic buildings in the heart of Berlin: The Concert Hall on the Gendarmenmarkt Square.

The idea was to visualise the music of the concert hall by creating a non-traditional experience of classical music. Inspired by the simplicity and the ideal proportions of the neoclassical style, we composed an audio-visual 3D projection consisting of minimal and graphical elements, enhancing the geometries of the facades.

Based on the 3D scan of the architecture we created three different visualisations using MIDI technology and VVVV software. We projected the animations with a combined 130.000 lumens in real time onto the facades of the Concert Hall and the flanking cathedrals.

3 Classical Music Visualisations
3 Illuminated Buildings
30 Minutes of Entertainment
2 Million Festival Visitors
A Multitude of Pictures and Films across Social Media

Music: “Weird Little Piano Piece” by Steven o’Brian, “Skala” by Dimitris Palaiogiannis, “Harp” by Maistri

The Economist

The Economist – MANDELA’S WALK

Together with The Economist and AMV.BBDO London we created an interactive film as a tribute to the late Nelson Mandela. It shows people walking into an open field, each carrying an object and placing it on the ground. The seemingly random objects include an old mattress, clothing and flowers, as well as a battered copy of the magazine. As the camera pans out the objects form a large image of the outlines of Mandela’s face.

Viewers can click on the individual objects to reveal content from a selection of articles taken from The Economist’s archives, each relevant to a particular time in Mandela’s life. The film is narrated by the British poet Benjamin Zephaniah.



On the H&Ms 2013 design collaboration, users were able to browse through the universe of Isabel Marant in a blog-like patchwork of content such as sound-snippets, films and images. A users favorite content was chosen and selected to create a unique and personalized section on the site that could be shared among friends.



Together with CLM BBDO and Frenzy, ACNE created the follow-up on last years interactive music-video success – Golden Chains. In Whispers, the user gets acquainted to Helen Sørensen through an almost hostel takeover experience full of surprises.



The H&M Spring Fashion campaign invites the user to the home of Miranda Kerr.

Each campaign image is displayed together with its related garments. Hovering the garments, triggers a thumbnail film that displays a detail close-up of the garment, almost as MIranda herself films it.

The site also contains a hidden bonus-chapter. This is activated by clicking on the lock and writing the correct password. Once activated, a mini-game (memory with a twist) is presented letting the user to have a chance of winning amazing prizes.


H&M – Summer 2014

Together with H&M we created The Ultimate Summer Campaign.
An interactive music video featuring the A – list top model Gisele Bündchen performing the classic song ”Heart of glass” produced by Bob Sinclair.

The campaign was shot in a range of beautiful locations in Costa Rica to capture the amazing summer moments.

The experience on is a music video with an interactive grid containing campaign, collection and mood films, all synced and updated as the video progresses. We also created collection films where users could explore the summer collection by self-controlling the speed of the clips. The site has a dynamic sound that works as an extension and makes the whole experience richer when changing views in the grid. The campaign images were perfectly accompanied by mood images and films to fully enhance their strong visual impact.

Users can also experience the site on tablet and mobile.



When SMFB, the Norwegian offspring of Forsman & Bodenfors, approached us with this idea we were thrilled – honestly. The project seemed to include everything we like: a great idea, Norwegians and really interesting technical challenges. Together with the agency and ACNE Film we came up with the idea of a film based experience that was to involve using the visitor’s cell phone – all based around the overall concept that “Cheap Calls Are Hard to Resist”. In short, the website lures the visitor into giving out his/hers cell number, something that will soon turn out to be a BIG mistake. Only seconds later a character that you most certainly don’t want to have your number shows up and gives you a call. For real! Your phone rings and the person on screen speaks to you insinuating something most inappropriate…

Unfortunately you’ll only be able to try this experience out for your self if you’ve got a working Norwegian cell but if you do, go!

Visit Denmark

Visit Denmark – Find the Dane

Visit Denmark is a partly government funded organization that promotes Denmark as a travel destination in general. This particular campaign for Visit Denmark in Norway simply wants to tell the story of how awesome it is to be Norwegian – in Denmark. So, based on the fact that nobody REALLY understands Danish, we produced a website together with ACNE Film where the visitor is invited to a simple, yet thrilling game of “Find the Dane”. Out of five characters, each representing a certain aspect of Danish culture, only one is truly from Denmark. Guess who!



Are you dreaming about a new wardrobe? IKEA will fullfill your desires with this inspiring trip through the art of organizing stuff.
We added filmed material and animations to the still pictures to capture a subtile and dreamy atmosphere. Sweet dreams!


GE – Performance Machines

To celebrate General Electrics’ presence at the 2012 Super Bowl, BBDO New York asked ACNE Production to produce, direct and develop Performance Machines, a video game/interactive film experience pitting famous american footballers against GE appliances and machinery.



Morton Salt

Morton Salt – Best in Snow

Winter is not a good time to be man’s best friend because it means yummy, but not digestible, sodium chloride on the streets and even worse, silly… silly… outfits. We helped DDB Chicago fluff up Morton’s pet-friendly fan base and created a contest where people submitted pictures of their socially awkward dogs, in their most shameful outfits for us to look at, laugh at, and then share for our friends to look at, laugh at, and then share with their friends… The circle of humiliation was completed.

Our solution was used Facebook’s SDK for authentication and submitting videos. The site was hosted as a Facebook Tab application on desktop computers and would seamlessly redirect users to a fully functional microsite if they visited the site on a platform that doesn’t support Facebook Tab applications, such as tablet and mobile.


Doritos – Dip Desperado

Dip Desperado is an addictive score-driven game made for Facebook, iPhone & Android. Let the chip-flick master “Esteban” be your mentor while you flick the chip through four levels of among crazy obstacles, triggers and enemies such as, evil mosquitos, porcelain-headed-spiders and chewing piranhas.
Do not forget to dip it!


McDonald’s – 50’s SHARE

Take a bite of the past with the new McDonald’s™ campaign, celebrating  the 50′s when it all began. Using the ”50′s Share” Facebook application, you can experience how social media worked, even if people didn’t have MacBooks.

Swedish Armed For...

Swedish Armed Forces – Officer

In response to the ever going changes in the world the Swedish Army is in need of more officers with not only muscles, but brains. As a key component in the recruitment campaign “Do you have what it takes”, we developed a website that tests the visitor’s ability to concentrate, handle multiple tasks simultaneously and solve problems when circumstances are suddenly and radically changed.

adidas Y-3

adidas Y-3 – Interactive Live Stream

Acne has created a cutting edge Interactive-Live-Stream-Experience for adidas Y-3, revealed at NY Fashion Week marking the 10th anniversary of adidas’ unique partnership with Yohji Yamamoto. Athletes, celebrities, and fashion mavens gathered at St John’s Center, transformed by Dev Harlan’s 3D projections. To celebrate the event, Acne expanded this short moment in time into an engaging Interactive Live Stream Experience. By streaming the show with four different views onto the runway, the online audience could magnify one view without losing perspective of the show as a whole, and pin each look to Pinterest.